Is Windows 10 crying wolf?

“Windows protected your PC” This is the new message which greets you when you try to install a lot of programs on Windows 10 and, so I’m told, on Windows 8.x. It would be nice if they’d actually protected your PC but, unfortunately, they haven’t. They haven’t even run a virus check or any other malware … [Read more…]

Thought Provoking

So when is this “Old enough to know better” supposed to kick in? The fact that there’s a highway to Hell and only a stairway to Heaven says a lot about the anticipated traffic numbers. My people skills are just fine. It’s my tolerance of idiots that needs work. (very true!) I’m only responsible for … [Read more…]

The RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto edition camera

RoadHawk have released their newest motorcycle Bullet camera, The RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto edition, along with the accessories to hard wire it and the RoadHawk Ride to the bike’s electrics. To quote RoadHawk’s blurb: The RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto Edition Camera has been designed specifically for motorcycles and other motorised transport and also includes a … [Read more…]

Why have an iceQR on your helmet?

Bikers are much more susceptible to being hurt, so it’s only sensible to carry information on you in case the unthinkable happens and you’re knocked off your bike or have an accident. CERQL have created a sticker for your helmet which, in an accident, paramedics can scan the QR code and a view web page containing up to 1500 characters & 10 photos. … [Read more…]

Coming Soon!

An exciting new site to help you succeed in life is coming soon. Some pages have been created so have a look round. At lot more are on their way… Please check back shortly.