Why have an iceQR on your helmet?

iceQRBikers are much more susceptible to being hurt, so it’s only sensible to carry information on you in case the unthinkable happens and you’re knocked off your bike or have an accident.

CERQL have created a sticker for your helmet which, in an accident, paramedics can scan the QR code and a view web page containing up to 1500 characters & 10 photos. The pictures are used to match the details to the casualty.

An internet connection is required to scan the codes. If at the scene, this is not possible, A&E departments should be able to download the details.

The details on the page include:

  • Next of kin
  • Allergies
  • Medication
  • Medical history (relevant)
  • Doctors contact number

Information updates, the first upload is free

The web page storing personal details can be updated at any time. Updates are 99p to change all or part of the information stored.

Data storage

Storage of details lasts for 12 months from registration. This can be extended for 99p per year.


Stickers are waterproof and fixed with marine adhesive, please see full specification.

Stickers on helmets

Solvent free water based acrylic adhesive is used conforming to BS 5609. Please consult your helmet specification before applying stickers.


I want to help you so, if you have any questions about iceQR, please leave them below.

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